Rebuilding is in our blood

When you purchase Cat® equipment, you’ve made a decision that delivers value from day one and we’re here to support you over the long term. Our machines, power trains and components are built to be rebuilt so you get the maximum benefit from the multiple lives designed into Cat® machines and components at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Complete machine rebuilds include:

  • More than 350 tests and inspections
  • The latest engineering updates
  • Repainting with new identity graphics applied
  • Replacement of approximately 7000 parts
  • Like-new machine warranty
  • New serial number
  • Work completed by our trained service professionals
  • Genuine Cat® original equipment parts



Our rebuild solutions include Cat Certified Powertrain, Cat Machine Component and Full Machine Rebuilds. All solutions are available for a range of machines, such as motor graders, wheel loader, track type tractors and compactors.


Rebuild part or all of your equipment — for maximum life and value.

Certified Machine Rebuild

With a Cat® Certified Rebuild, you can recover all the performance and productivity of your original machine while benefiting from the latest engineering updates.

 5 Certified Rebuild Programs

Choose the program that’s right for you

Certified Engine Rebuild

When you invest in Cat® equipment, you’re investing in durability, dependability and performance. And when you rebuild your Cat® engine, you’re maximising that investment.


Certified Machine Component Rebuild

Getting the most out of your machine means getting the most out of your power train. A component rebuild will restore your engine, transmission, torque converter, axle assemblies or final drives to like-new performance.


Certified Power Train Rebuild

The heart of any piece of equipment is the power train. A rebuilt power train can improve performance, increase machine availability and greatly extend the productive life of your equipment.


Certified Hydraulic Rebuild

You have options when it comes to renewing the performance of your equipment fleet—everything from complete machine rebuilds to rebuilds focused on your hydraulic system.



Maximise the built-in value of your equipment and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ensure maximum productivity
  • Increase reliability and availability
  • Ensure cost-effective performance
  • Get like-new machine warranty and power train coverage
  • Increase your return on your equipment investment
  • Return your complete rebuild to like-new performance
  • Enjoy higher resale value

World-Class Workshop Facility

Our new Service Operations Centre at Gepps Cross is designed to deliver high-quality, cost effective results for customers. We have the highest contamination control standards to ensure components last longer and operating costs are lower, providing more up-time for customers.

Machines come into our facility, get stripped-down to the chassis and then rebuilt to a like-new machine.

Want to rebuild your machine for a second life?

Find out how we can deliver like-new performance for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Contact us today for more information or to obtain a customised quote.