Rebuild options to maximise the life of your equipment

Cavpower’s fixed price engine and drive train rebuild options are designed to save you time and money. Whatever your circumstances might be, we have a broad range of options to help you save time and money.

Repairing before failure is the key to maximising availability while minimising costs. Once a component fails, your choices become limited. Repairing before failure can reduce costs by two to three times the price of after-failure.


Choose from our Levels below

4 factors to consider with repair options

every repair starts with four key questions – ownership, utilisation, affordability and turnaround.


OWNERSHIP – How long do you plan to own the machine?

UTILISATION – How much/often do you use the machine?

AFFORDABILITY – What is your expectation with regard to price?

TURNAROUND – How quickly does your machine need to get back to work?









We will walk you through a series of questions to help you make an informed decision on a repair option best suited for your business.


Fixed Price Repair Options Available For

Articulated Trucks

730  |  730C  |  740  |  740B




320D  |  321D  |  324D  |  325D  |  328D  |  329D  |  330D  |  336D  |  345C

Wheel Loaders

950H  |  966H  |  972H  |  980H  |  988H

Motor Graders

12H  |  12M  | 120  |  120M  |  140M


Truck Engines

C-12  |  C-15  |  C-16

3406E  |  C13  |  C15

The Cavpower Advantage

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