Cat® Advansys™ Tips and Adapters

Faster. Easier. Safer.

Take your operation to the next level with Cat® Advansys™ Tips and Adapters. Giving you improved job site safety, easier removal and installation, longer tip life and better penetration for optimum fuel efficiency, Cat Advansys will help you move more material with less machine downtime.

Cat Advansys features new and optimised tip shapes with wear material where you need it most. Other features include tapered tip sides offering less drag and higher productivity. These new and improved features ensure Cat Advansys tips last 10-30% longer and tip change downtime is reduced by 50-75%. Plus, integrated retention components streamline retrofitting with adapters that drop into the same space as K series.

Cavpower can help you choose the Advansys system that offers the right balance for your application.

Read below to learn more about Cat Advansys system benefits and reliability or enquire now.

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Cat® Advansys System Benefits

  • Improved Productivity: Exclusive tip and adapter features result in the highest productivity Cat® system
  • Enhanced Reliability: Strongest, most robust adapters Caterpillar has ever produced
  • Hammerless Installation: Quickest hammerless tip removal and installation with a 3/4 inch retainer lock that requires no special tools
  • Simplify Installation: Integrated retention components mean no more searching for pins or retainers
  • Simplify Retrofitting: Easy upgrading because Advansys adapters drop into the same space as K series
  • Simplify Ordering: One part number to order when changing a set of tip

Cat® Advansys System Reliability

  • Stronger adapter noses are designed with up to a 50% stress reduction
  • Improved adapter nose geometry reduces sliding wear on adapter nose surfaces extending the life of the adapter
  • Improved tip shapes shadow the adapter straps and welds for longer adapter life
  • Top covers available for double strap adapters and full adapter covers available for high abrasion flush mount adapters

Cat® Advansys Hammerless Installation and Removal

  • Half turn of retention locks and unlocks the CapSure retention
  • Only a 1/2” or 3/4” breaker bar is required to change the tips
  • Retention components come installed in tips

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