We offer the widest array of track services, cost-reducing tools and maintenance options designed to help you get the absolute most from your undercarriage. Our factory-trained technicians know your undercarriage inside and out.

Our undercarriage services include:

  • “Wet” bushing turns maximise system life by giving bushings a “second life” with new wear surfaces
  • Roller re-shelling restores full wear life and saves money over full replacement by only replacing worn roller shells, leaving unworn internal components intact
  • Roller swapping ensures maximum system life by switching more- and less-worn rollers
  • Idler resurfacing lengthens wear life by applying new wear material, using specialised weld processes developed by Caterpillar
  • Track shoe regrousering increases shoe life by replacing grouser barstock to the grouser surface

Custom Track Service

An improperly managed undercarriage can account for more than half of machine maintenance costs. That’s why we provide Custom Track Service (CTS), our comprehensive program for managing your undercarriage system, which uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment available, like the Ultrasonic Wear Indicator.

With CTS, we can accurately monitor undercarriage performance and predict wear rates, so you can evaluate service options, plan your maintenance and schedule downtime. Overall, CTS Analysis, which can be completed on your job site, helps you make informed decisions that keep your operating costs as low as possible.

Cat Certified 375t track press

You can choose Cat undercarriage knowing that quality and lasting value are built into the system. Built to be rebuilt, extending the life of the components and reducing your overall operating costs.

Cavpower has the only track press in South Australia. In fact, our 375 tonne press can handle any sized equipment right up to Caterpillar’s D11, plus we have the tooling to handle many other makes and models of track type equipment.

Book a CTS inspection today

To book a CTS Inspection or for more information on our undercarriage repair services, call our Service Department in Adelaide on (08) 8343 1400 or make a booking online.