Fleet management for all makes and models

Technology-enabled fleet management solutions use electronics, communications software and analytics to support our customers by maximizing the uptime and efficiency of their equipment, while minimising the cost of ownership through lifecycle planning and management. Most Caterpillar® equipment is factory-equipped or can be retrofitted with technologies such as Product Link™.

Don’t have the resources or time to manage your fleet? Cavpower can help. Our specialists can monitor your fleet for you and highlight equipment that is not working to its maximum capacity. Speak to us about our options so that you can focus on building a more efficient and productive worksite.

New telematics standard will eliminate multiple reports for mixed fleets

Many owners have equipment from different manufacturers. In the past, if fleet managers wanted to look at the data, they had to use different dashboards for each brand and switch back and forth between reports to get a complete fleet picture. With the new telematics standard, fleet managers will be able to see all their equipment, regardless of manufacturer, and view their entire fleet on a single dashboard.

Tips for Getting the Most Value from Technology

Start by closing efficiency gaps

Most fleets have areas that can be improved in terms of timeliness or accuracy. Identify some of those and use technology and data to make them better.

Share the savings

As you improve, chart the savings in time and money and communicate progress. The critical point is to engage everyone in seeing the results that can be achieved.

Build processes that include technology

Once the benefits are proven, you can begin to change existing processes and include technology. Choose technologies that will work for your staff and modify processes to suit.

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