The cost of replacing a complete engine, driveline, hydraulic component or cylinder can be extensive. Rebuilding a single component can result in significant cost savings.

Cavpower’s world class Component Rebuild Centre (CRC) has the ability to service and repair the full Cat® product range of major machine and equipment components, as well as other makes. We have a range of component and machine rebuild solutions. From transmissions, engines and final drives to hydraulic pumps, motors and cylinders, torque converters and much more.

To support this facility we have the best in the industry Technical Support Team that specialises in fault diagnostics and failure analysis.

Our workshops are air pressure controlled to maintain the highest contamination control standard.

All Component Rebuilds come with a full 12 month warranty and finance options are also available.

We are committed to providing customers with a cost effective, high quality like-new product.


Services Offered

  • Caterpillar® certified rebuilds and full performance testing of engines, fuel pumps, transmissions, torque converters, differentials, wheel ends, final drives and hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Cylinder block and cylinder head machining (all machining except crankshafts is done in-house)
  • Regular servicing, diagnosis, repairs and modifications for all Caterpillar equipment as well as other OEM components, including engine transmissions, differentials, wheel ends, final drives and hydraulic pumps and motors


  • Test cell 1 – Taylor DX3012 water brake engine dyno rated at 3000HP @4000rpm – 9651Ft-lbs @1600rpm. Utilises a closed loop cooling system capable of testing both separate circuit and air-to- air after cooled engines.
  • Test cell 2 – Taylor DL6K water brake engine dyno rated at 6000HP @ 2550rpm – 49,700Ft-lbs @600rpm. Utilises a closed loop cooling system and capable of testing both separate circuit and air-to-air after cooled engines.
  • Additional – Portable Taylor TD-3100 water brake dyno rated at 1000Hp @4000rpm. This unit can be used for smaller horsepower engines and operated by the larger dyno control and monitoring systems.
  • 450 HP Taylor Hydraulic Test Centre – tests transmissions, pumps, motors, torque converters and other equipment.

Other Major Equipment

  • Fixed and overhead cranes from 500kg to 25 tonne capacity
  • High pressure gas supply (up to 50PSI at 400cubic ft/min ) to allow full horsepower testing of high-pressure gas engines
  • Low-pressure gas supply for testing of low-pressure gas engine
  • Rottler F99 vertical mill capable of machining and line boring up to C175 20 engines

Want to find out more about component rebuilds?

To discuss rebuild options or to talk with one of our dedicated customer service representatives contact our Component Rebuild Centre today.