expert fabrication and modifications to suit your needs

We have the engineering expertise and technical skills to perform just about any metal fabricating job. Our in-house design service featuring our fully qualified engineers provide complete custom fabrication services, from concept, design and drawings to finished products.

Cavpower can breathe new life into existing components and equipment through expert salvaging and repairing processes from our quality assured welding and fabrication facilities.

Machine Modifications and Repair

From purpose-built machines, cabin and frame modifications to machines and truck bodies – these are just a few of the specialised tasks that our team of highly qualified tradesmen and technicians regularly undertake in our Welding and Fabrication shop.

We can also come to you with our fully equipped welding truck and carry out equipment repairs in the field ensuring that your machine is back working as quickly as possible.

Bucket Fabrications and Rebuilds

We understand the impact of bucket design and performance on your business. We pride ourselves in our ability to design, manufacture and supply quality buckets to suit any application, to achieve the maximum life and productivity out of your bucket. Bucket repairs, overhauls and rebuilds are a substantial part of our activities and we have the knowledge to help you get results.

Custom Fabrication

The current product line has evolved from products we fabricated for customers who needed tools to address specific challenges, to their business operations and equipment – in almost any type of operation.

Custom fabrication includes water tanks, underground excavator buckets, boom and stick repairs, landfill and demolition guarding packages, handrail kits and guarding, scraper wear kits, push blocks, counter weighs and a full inventory of component stands and transport accessories.


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Cavpower have the expertise in-house to custom design and build water tanks to suit any truck body. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and meet their specific requirements.  


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