Machine data equals profit power

A part of Cat® Connect Technology, Cat Link includes two key components:  Cat® Product Link™ and VisionLink®. The technology that connects you to your machine data.

Product Link is hardware fitted to your machine that grabs data from machine sensors and control systems and transmits it to VisionLink. It can be fitted to all machines, not just Caterpillar equipment.

VisionLink is the application that lets you view your data on any web-enabled device. Once Product Link has been installed and activated on your machine, all you need to do is set up your VisionLink account and you will start to see what your machine information can tell you.


Login to VisionLink®

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption information is some of the most valuable information you can collect and use. Some industry experts say it’s not unusual for idle time to represent as much as 40%-50% of total running time. Tracking and reducing idle time can have an immediate payback in reduced fuel costs.

Here are some of the problems fuel data can be used to uncover before they result in unwanted repairs or increased operating costs:

  • Excessive idle time
  • Contaminated fuel filters
  • Slipping clutch or transmission
  • Undersized machine, bucket or attachment
  • Untrained operator

Increase utilisation for equipment that is not being used

It’s hard to see patterns when you have multiple worksites or equipment working in different locations but with the data in front of you, you can look for alternative uses of equipment. Your information may reveal that trucks sit idling too long, burning fuel just to be loaded. By analyzing the data you may find enough idle time exists that you can park one of the trucks. This eliminates the fuel cost of that truck and makes cycle times more efficient for the remaining trucks. Another quick win idea would be using your trucks to contract haul during non-working periods.

Manage maintenance intervals

Analyzing your data can help you increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your maintenance schedules. Cavpower can help you interpret data and even provide condition monitoring services to help you develop the most profitable maintenance schedules for your equipment.

Create a fast start team

The information you gather from your machines has the ability to positively impact many areas of your worksites from utilisation and uptime to operating costs and billing. Using a cross-functional team to review VisionLink information clarifies recommendations resulting in better decisions.  It also means that any hurdles can be overcome by the team and not sit completely with a single person.

Want to realise the profit power of your machine data?

Contact our Equipment Management team to find out how Cat® Product Link™ and VisionLink® can work for your business.