Our SOS laboratory analyses fluid samples with a target time of less than 48 hours of receiving a sample. For our customers who require the results and recommendations sooner, we now offer an urgent samples service.

All you need to do is purchase our ‘Urgent’ labels through our Parts Distribution Centre or your local branch, place it on your sample container and send it into us.

Urgent samples will be analysed by close of business on the same day, when received at our Enfield branch laboratory prior to 11:59am*.

Reports and recommendations provided for your analysed samples can be viewed online using the S•O•S Services Web application.

What are the benefits of using this service?

  • Receive results the same day
  • Get priority processing
  • Minimises your downtime
  • Enables you to make decisions more quickly



*same day delivery is based upon sample being received before 11:59am. Sample received after 11:59am will be available next day before 11:59am.
S•O•S Services are in accordance with Cavpower’s Standard Terms of Trade

Need to receive fluid analysis results urgently?

Order your ‘Urgent’ labels from our Parts Distribution Centre or local branch today.