S•O•SSM Services Web is a web based system for managing your oil samples through our laboratory process. It allows you to view your sample results, historical data and reports.

S•O•S Services Web allows you to perform the following functions:

  • View the history of all samples for a compartment along with laboratory comments and compare different equipment of the same model
  • Record the actions taken against a sample, view the current status and any images stored
  • Forecast next samples due, manage the warranty process where oil samples are a requirement and pre-register the samples for the equipment site

Benefits of using S•O•S Services Web include:

  • Access your results from anywhere at anytime online
  • Easy to use online application with little training required
  • All data in one place along with a history of all communications and actions logged
  • Report exceptions are highlighted thereby reducing hours of management time
  • Suspected problems are highlighted quickly to assist you in making informed decisions
  • Full accountability and traceability
  • Available via internet browsers, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Apple and IE10 and above (Google Chrome is preferred)
  • Allows access to S•O•S information from VisionLink when Product Link is active on your equipment

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