Introducing visionlink® unified suites

VisionLink Unified Suite is your go-to source for all your telematics data with easy-to-use dashboards that allow you to monitor and manage your assets on your mobile or desktop device. Get information on how efficient your assets really are with data on fuel burn, excessive idling, unauthorised usage and so much more.

VisionLink also allows additional features for Cat equipment through integration to other Caterpillar data and applications such as the ordering of Cat® parts through Parts.Cat.Com and viewing fluid analysis results through S•O•SSM Services Web.

How it works

Product Link™ is hardware fitted to your machine that collects data from machine sensors and control systems and transmits it to VisionLink. Product Link transmits the information via cellular networks and satellite regardless of where your equipment works. Product Link can be fitted to all machines, not just Caterpillar equipment.

Once Product Link has been installed and activated on your machine, all you need to do is set up your VisionLink account and you will start to see what your machine information can tell you.

VisionLink® and My.Cat.Com

You’ll have the option to access select data for units subscribed to VisionLink through My.Cat.Com. You’ll be able to see high-level data about hours, location and events on the My.Cat.Com dashboard. If you want more details, you can click on a link and go directly to VisionLink.

How do I get access?

Before you can access equipment information through VisionLink, your equipment must be fitted with Product Link. Product Link hardware and VisionLink application subscription come standard on a variety of equipment. Older machines and other equipment can be retrofit with Product Link. Talk to us for more information or to discuss options available for your equipment.

Already have access?

If you are already registered with access to VisionLink you can login to the application through your My.Cat.Com dashboard or direct through the VisionLink application.

Login to VIsionLink

VisionLink How-To Guides

Logging in and getting started

Introduction to the dashboard

Configuring the dashboard


Unleash the power of VisionLink technology

Speak to our customer support representatives to find out how your business can benefit from using VisionLink.