VisionLink emerges as an innovative cloud-based software application poised to revolutionise fleet management. This sophisticated tool eliminates the uncertainty often associated with managing fleets, offering invaluable insights aimed at optimising performance, irrespective of the scale of your fleet or the diversity of equipment manufacturers. Seamlessly accessing equipment data on your desktop or mobile device, VisionLink serves as a centralised hub for informed decision-making at every juncture.

Delving into the realm of fleet management, VisionLink extends an array of benefits designed to redefine industry standards. Key advantages include, but are not confined to:

Intuitive Interface: Boasting a best-in-class interface, VisionLink empowers users with enhanced control through streamlined navigation. The software introduces additional features tailored to aid maintenance planning and scheduling, reducing complexity while amplifying efficiency.

Unified Fleet Management: VisionLink transcends brand boundaries, enabling the integration of your entire fleet, irrespective of the equipment’s make or model. Its flexibility extends to asset organization, allowing customisation by groups, projects, or jobsites, thereby fostering a tailored experience.

Seamless Collaboration: Facilitating communication and collaboration, VisionLink serves as a nexus for sharing critical data and insights across your enterprise. The software encompasses a task management system, enabling task assignment, resolution, and monitoring of progress, both for personal tasks and those delegated to team members.

Real-time Insights: VisionLink empowers proactive management by swiftly identifying areas of concern. Through alert notifications and visualisations, potential issues are swiftly flagged, empowering prompt remedial action.

Mobility and Flexibility: With the VisionLink mobile app, accessibility knows no bounds. Whether on a laptop or a mobile device, fleet insights are at your fingertips, empowering informed decision-making regardless of your location.

In conclusion, VisionLink signifies more than just a fleet management tool – it’s a paradigm shift in how we optimise fleet performance. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and offering an unparalleled user experience, VisionLink stands as a testament to innovation in fleet management.

VisionLink Subscriptions

VisionLink offers a range of four subscription tiers and additional add-ons to cater to diverse business needs:


Empowers informed decision-making for Cat assets, offering benefits like enhanced visibility through daily asset location updates, efficient fuel cost monitoring for both working and idle periods, minimised unplanned downtime via maintenance alerts, and simplified compliance reporting by tracking carbon footprint.


Offers enhanced features including advanced monitoring capabilities, such as geo-fence-based asset tracking, working vs. idle hours monitoring, cost analysis, excessive idling reports, and remote disable functionality, ensuring effective management of Cat and other branded assets, leading to cost savings and improved operational control.


Integrates the advantages of Connect and Connect Pro, elevating operations by providing extensive data, higher reporting frequency, and enhanced decision-making speed through frequent data reviews, improved production via total payload and cycle count insights, advanced breakdown analysis, mapping, and cost-effective real-time maintenance alerts.


Integrates the capabilities of Connect, ConnectPro, and Performance, offering the added benefit of in-depth and expansive data analysis, enhancing production understanding and efficiency through frequent data reviews, precise payload tracking, comprehensive location details, cycle segmentation analysis, and incorporation of Productivity KPIs and benchmarks for continual improvement.

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