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Vibration Monitoring

The purpose of vibration monitoring is to establish the running condition of machinery in a fashion that is objective and scientific. There are no better criteria for operational soundness in rotating machinery than by how much it vibrates. Companies that use Vibration Monitoring have many advantages:

  • Less downtime
  • Less spare parts inventory
  • Better management of time allocation
  • Less overhaul-overkill
  • Longer production runs
  • Better quality

Vibration Analysis

Using a vibration analyser, we are able to pinpoint the causes of rough machinery condition. Such problems as rotor imbalance and misalignment, bent shafts, bearing faults, etc. In many instances, a historical case study can prognose the remaining life of bearings so that scheduled repairs can be prioritised.

There are many instances of vibration monitoring, analysis, balancing and corrective measures that make this technology so effective. Bearing failure could be an indication of the natural expected life of the bearing itself but it should send alarm bells that this is a primary candidate for analysis. The failure could be the manifestation of the mechanical deviations in a machine that could be corrected if one were to know about them.

The best time to get a vibration profile for future comparisons are when the machine has been reconditioned. This helps to find any inherent fault in the machine as well as determine if the work performed on it was done to specification. Remember, the best programs are the ones that have the most historical information.

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