Glycol in Automotive Transmissions

Coolant/Glycol in automotive transmissions is detrimental. Glycol can cause severe failure of the transmission if not detected early and these repairs can be very costly.
Symptoms of glycol/coolant entering the transmission oil system include shuttering during gear changes, decreased performance, pre-mature wear and sudden failure.
Cavpower offers a unique test designed to detect glycol using the latest technology, Gas Chromatography using Headspace sampling via vapour phase extraction.

Our test includes the following:

  • PQI (Ferrous content)
  • Visual Deposits
  • Water content
  • Elemental Analysis (ICP)
  • Oil Condition (FTIR)
  • Viscosity at 40oC
  • Particle Count (ISO 4406)
  • GC-Headspace Analysis



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