Overhaul your engine the right way

Precious Metals In-Chassis Overhauls are designed to give you a variety of value added options for overhauling your engine – with the top performance and long life of genuine Cat® parts.

Cavpower offers you four in–chassis overhaul options for 3406E, C-12, C13, C15, C-15 and C-16 Cat engines, giving you the ability to choose the level of repair that best suits your requirements. Each overhaul is engineered to deliver a reliable and high-quality rebuild that meets Caterpillar® standards for recommended engine overhaul practices. This means that the overhauls may include components you might not think need replacing, but that could lead to unplanned downtime and costly failures if not replaced.

These cost-effective overhaul options are backed by a full Cat parts warranty. All overhauls include parts, labour, oil and coolant.


A basic rebuild option, which replaces the piston crown, liner and rings and re-uses the existing skirt and conrod.


Includes all gaskets, seals, o-rings and cylinder kits necessary for an in-chassis rebuild.

Gold Plus

All of the Gold inclusions plus a Reman cylinder head.


Gold Plus with addition of 6 Reman injectors, Reman water pump and Reman oil pump. Extended warranty up to 36 months or 500,000 km.

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