Engine Paralleling and Integration Control (EPIC)

Product Features

  • Easy Connectivity to Generator Mounted Electrically Operated Circuit Breaker or Freestanding Switchgear with Electrically Operated Breaker
  • High Speed Ethernet Supervisory Network
  • Redundant Master Technology
  • Bumpless Backup of Master Control Functions
  • Password Protection for Critical Settings
  • Automatic Start/Stop
  • Automatic Load and VAR Sharing
  • Automatic “Dead Bus” Coordination
  • Automatic Power Factor Control when in Parallel with Utility Power
  • Programmable Load Shed / Load Add Functions
  • Touch Screen (HMI) Display
Technical Summary
Configuration Remote modular paralleling control system (Master Control Panel for the first 2 generator sets and optional tie breaker, separate add-on control panels for up to 8 additional generator sets, utility paralleling control, and distribution control)
Modes of Operation Emergency Standby with redundant master control, Utility paralleling, peak shaving, and closed transition to/from Generator Power (with optional utility control panel)
Application LV and MV (208V-27kV)
Generator Protective Devices
ANSI Protective Devices 15/25. 27/59, 81 O/U, 32, 40, 90 (Industrial Grade)
Utility Protective Devices
ANSI Protective Devices 15/25. 27/59, 81 O/U, 32,47 (Industrial Grade)
Environmental Parameters
Certifications UL / cUL 508A
Control Panel Enclosure NEMA 12
Operating Temperature 0u00b0C to 55u00b0C
Storage Temperature -20u00b0C to 60u00b0C

Standard Equipment

  • Instant Auto Selector Switch
    • Allows user to return sysem to automatic in the event of a touchscreen failure

Optional Equipment

  • Generator Control Panel (for 3-10 gensets)
    • With breaker position indications and circuit breaker control switch
  • Utility Control Panel (for utility paralleling and control)
    • With utility close lockout switch, breaker position indications, and circuit breaker control switch
  • Supplemental Hardware 25 Device
    • Provides additional discrete synchronization protection
  • Data Table Interface
    • Accommodates interface with a building management system
  • Generator Demand Priority Control
    • An automatic priority sequencing function to modulate the number of gensets online to control load percentages per machine, assist with fuel efficiency, and maintain adequate reserve capacity

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