Cat Customizable Switchgear and Controls

XLM Switchgear

  • High Speed Supervisory Network
  • Automatic Start/Stop
  • Automatic “Dead Bus” Coordination
  • Automatic Power Factor Control when in Parallel with Utility Power
  • Programmable Load Shed / Load Add Functions
  • Networked Engine Communications
  • Generator & Utility Protection
  • Engine Tuning
  • Mode Selection
  • Selectable Auto/ Manual Control
  • Password Protection for Protective Settings and Setup
  • Load/No Load Test
  • Touch Screen (HMI) Display
  • NFPA 99/110 Compliant Alarm
  • Annunciation with Audible Horn
  • Engine Control mimic Screen with gauges for RPM, DC Battery Voltage, Oil Pressure, Engine Coolant temperature, Engine Hours, Number of starts
Technical Summary
Configuration Application-specific switchgear with control logic designed to meet any customer's sequence of operations. Examples are 3+ Utilities, CHP applications, complex load shed schemes, etc
Modes of Operation All modes of paralleling generator sets to each other and to other sources (utility, alternative fuels, wind, etc) can be supported. Caterpillar generation and control experts can design and program the most complex power schemes to meet your critical power needs
Application LV and MV ( 208V - 38 kV) 50 / 60 Hz
Generator Protective Devices
ANSI Protective Devices Per customer specification
Utility Protective Devices
ANSI Protective Devices Per customer specification
Environmental Parameters
Certifications Per customer specification
Control Panel Enclosure Per customer specification
Operating Temperature Per customer specification
Storage Temperature Per customer specification
Low Voltage Standards Per customer specification
Medium Voltage Standards Per customer specification

Standard Equipment

  • Generator Demand Priority Control
    • Per customer specifications

Optional Equipment

  • Data Table Interface
    • Per customer specifications
  • Supplemental Hardware Synchronization check relay (ANSI 25 Device)
    • Per customer specifications
  • Remote Power Monitoring System
    • Per customer specifications

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