Cat Pneumatic Rollers work effectively on a wide range of applications. Models with oscillating wheels are used on sub-grade soil, granular material or cold mix to create additional density and find weak areas so they can be repaired before paving. Cat Pneumatic Rollers are also used on hot mix asphalt in the initial breakdown and intermediate phases to increase density and to seal the surface of the mat. Lightweight models create a tight bond when applied to chip and seal surfaces.It’s easy to tailor the ground contact pressure to the job. Cat models have easy-to-fill ballast tanks, modular steel ballast configurations and various tire options.


Cat Pneumatic Compactors feature reliable and durable diesel engines for years of low maintenance operation. High torque rise is standard for maintaining power under increased loads.

Power Train

Power trains are designed for smooth operation. Powershift transmissions feature multiple speeds forward and reverse. High gradeability percentage is attainable when fully ballasted.


Cat Pneumatic Compactors feature excellent visibility to front and rear, providing excellent sightlines to ground personnel working close by.


Proven design helps to eliminate bridging of soft spots, regardless of ground surface.

Rear Wheel Configurations

Optional rear wheel configurations allow machines to be fitted to specific job applications.


Pneumatic compactor cabs are ergonomically engineered to increase comfort as well as reduce noise, boosting operator productivity.


Less time spent on maintenance means more machine uptime and more time on the job.

Customer Support

Cat dealers offer a wide range of services that can be set up under a Customer Support Agreement when equipment is purchased. Dealers can help select a plan that can cover everything from machine and attachment selection to replacement.

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