Introducing Dean Brown from Rock Cutter Earthworks, a visionary who embarked on a quest to find the most efficient way to tackle the challenge of cutting through stubborn limestone rocks in Coffin Bay and beyond. The solution? A remarkable combination of power, performance and precision – the Cat 272D3 paired with the Cat SW480 Wheel Saw.  Join us as we discover Dean’s journey to achieving unmatched efficiency and precision.

A Quest For Innovation

Digging trenches for plumbers and electricians through limestone rock was proving to be a messy, time-consuming affair as hydraulic hammers and buckets were the conventional tools of choice, resulting in excessive waste material and increased costs. A cost which would then need to be passed back onto the client.

Seeking an efficient and swifter solution, Dean’s online exploration led him to the Cat SW480 Wheel Saw, and from what he had seen online, this attachment seemed the perfect tool to fast-track his work in Coffin Bay and surrounding areas. After consulting with Lou Rawson, Cavpower’s Branch Manager in Port Lincoln, the pair researched the Cat SW480 Wheel Saw and its full capabilities. After doing some homework on the requirements and specs of the Wheel Saw, Lou paired it with the Cat 272D3 Skid Steer Loader, which has since proved itself the ideal combination of size, power and hydraulic flow.

Dean shared, “We specialise in commercial and residential work here in and around Coffin Bay, and the SW480 fitted to the 272D3 has been a game changer for us, turning previously four or five-day jobs with hydraulic hammers and buckets into a single day job with our new attachment, the Wheel Saw. Another huge benefit of the SW480 Wheel Saw is the reduction of waste. The waste material comes out like sand, which can then be used to fill in the trench when the other trades have completed work. So, each site’s clean-up job is much cleaner and more efficient. We don’t have to cart any rock away, which makes it cheaper for our client again.”

Harnessing Technology For Precision

When Dean first picked up the Wheel Saw, he thought it was going to be perfect for 250mm power and water trenches because of its 250mm cut, but with more and more plumbers looking for trenching 450mm wide so they can work in the trench, Dean and his son soon developed their technique where they produce their first cut then side shift the machine and make a second cut directly beside the first, they then use their Cat 308 Mini Excavator to clean out the trench of any excess waste material.

“The time saving with this technique is brilliant; it proved perfect for plumbers. In the cab, we utilise the Creep Speed Control technology, which gives us absolute fine adjustment over how fast we travel with the machine. We are not overworking the saw blade, and we’re not underworking it. We can adjust the attachment in fine increments to achieve the perfect speed for various soil and rock types.” Said Dean.

The result: A flat and clean cut, with no ridges or uneven sections which is a testament to the precise teeth placement on the Wheel Saw. This clean flat cut ticks all the boxes for plumbers looking to lay pipes in the trench.

Dean shared, “Our plumbers don’t want to see any ridges that affect their pipes, and the spacing and placement of the teeth on the saw are spot on.”

Dean continues, “When we first took delivery of the 272D3, I was a little intimidated by the size of the machine. But after just a few days in the cab, I became impressed by the maneuverability and tight areas we could access in the machine around houses and other tight spaces. The 272D3’s ability and strength to handle the size and oil pressure requirements are excellent (150 L per minute), making this pairing of Cat equipment the perfect choice.”

One of the reasons Dean was so interested in finding a solution with Cat was the local servicing. The fact that Cavpower has a dedicated Service Centre in Port Lincoln was a substantial part of Dean’s decision-making process.

Lou Rawson, Cavpower Branch Manager in Port Lincoln, stated “Part of our offering with Cavpower is Field Service. We run four field service vehicles at Port Lincoln, with qualified technicians and tooling to provide that solution. We know our customers need to keep moving, so we get them back up and moving as quickly as possible.”

Dean’s calendar is now fully booked up to 6 months in advance, and his 272D3 and SW480 Wheel Saw have not missed a beat. His research and decision to bring this unique combination of Cat machinery and attachment to Coffin Bay have proved to be an excellent decision for Dean Brown and Rock Cutter Earthworks.

Witness Dean’s journey with the Cat 272D3 and the Cat SW480 Wheel Saw here:


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