Cat® GRADE can help both new and experienced machine operators deliver dramatic improvements in grading efficiency over a wide range of applications. Options available include Cat® AccuGrade™ and Cat® Grade Control.

Cat GRADE takes advantage of many components already built into today’s Cat equipment, including sensors, displays and on-board data processing. Compared with aftermarket automated grading systems, this factory attachment reduces redundant components, gives the GPS receiver and sensor systems better protection, and helps the productivity features of today’s Cat equipment work together more seamlessly and effectively than ever.

Available on select Cat track-type tractors, pavers, mills, motor graders, wheel tractor scrapers and excavators, Cat GRADE can be upgraded as your needs evolve. It is a cost-effective, all-in-one grading solution that enhances jobsite safety, improves reliability and adds to the machine’s value, both on the job and at resale.

What are the benefits of using grade technology for my business?

  • Safety – keep people off the ground and out of trenches.
  • Cut grading time by up to 45%*
  • Efficiency – reduce time and costs associated with staking and grade checking
  • Accuracy – move material right the first time, minimizing costly rework
  • Fuel – finish in fewer passes with less fuel and materials
  • Productivity – help less experienced operators work like pros.

*Cat GRADE with Assist versus traditional grading methods

What's available?

Some new dozers use assistance technology to control blade angle. The operator simply sets the angle on the monitor in the cab, then lets the system maintain that angle while the machine moves over the ground. The operator still controls the height of the blade manually, but is no longer required to make constant adjustments to its angle. The result is faster, more efficient grading with less fatigue, rework and fuel.

Assistance technology is also being used on excavators to automate selected boom and bucket functions. The operator enters a target depth on the monitor, selects “auto” and starts working. When the bucket gets within a few inches of target depth, the assist technology takes over, automatically adjusting boom movement and bucket roll to maintain a constant bucket angle through the dig. Again, the result is quick, accurate, cost-effective grading.

Considering an investment in assistance technology?

Talk to our Equipment Management team to find out if this technology is a good fit for your business.

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