XQ125 Rental Power

Design Criteria

 • Meets ISO 8528 transient response and linearvibration

Single-source Supplier

 • Package is factory designed and production tested

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) System

 • DEF tank provides more than 24 hrs runtime@ 75% load.

Cat EMCP 4.2B Control Panel

 • Electronic control panel provides power metering,protective relaying, engine and generator parameterviewing, and expanded AC metering

Fuel System

 • Provides 24-hour runtime @ 75% prime

Reduced Environmental Impact

 • 110% spill containment of onboard enginefluids

Cooling System

 • Provides 50°C ambient capability @ full rating

Charging System

 • Charging alternator; 12V-100A, heavy duty withintegral regulator and belt guards

Rating 100 ekW (110 kVA) Prime
Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage 120 - 480 V
Engine C4.4 ACERT Diesel Engine
Fuel Diesel
Width 1244.6 mm (49 in)
Height 1854.2 mm (73 in)
Length 3225.8 mm (127 in)
Weight 2372.3 kg (5230 lb)

Standard Equipment

  • Engine Air Inlet
    • Heavy-duty air cleaner with dust cup andservice indicator
  • DEF System
    • 25 gal (96 L) plastic DEF tank providescapacity to meet or exceed fuel tank runtimeat any given load.
  • Fuel System
    • 150 gal (568 L) double-wall fuel tank
  • Mounting System
    • Generator set soft mounted to the heavy duty, fabricated steel base frame
  • Control Panel
    • EMCP 4.2B generator set mounted digital controller
  • Cooling System
    • Variable speed pusher fan
  • Distribution System
    • Separate load and control sections
  • Enclosure
    • Sound attenuating, galvanized sheet metal enclosure limits overall noise
  • Engine
    • Cat C9 ACERT heavy duty diesel engine
  • Exhaust System
    • Integrated spark arresting silencer with flexible connectors, in separate compartment
  • Generator
    • LC5114J frame, three-phase, random wound, 12-lead design, self-excited, 2/3 pitch
  • Lube System
    • On-engine primary and secondary oil filters, filler, and dipstick
  • Starting System
    • Single electric starting motor, 24V
  • Shore Power
    • One 110V shore power connection for powering engine block heater and generator space heater (optional), battery charger (optional), and single duplex service receptacle

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