• Cat pulverizer jaws are designed to cut through material quickly to enhance your machine’s overall operating efficiency and help reduce fuel consumption.

  • The oversized cylinder on the non-rotating secondary pulverizer delivers a strong crushing force to reduce concrete and separate rebar.

  • The Speed Booster valve actively balances speed and power, delivering fast cycle times and strong closing force to help increase productivity.



  • Replaceable wear parts can be swapped quickly in the field and do not require surface welding to help reduce service time.

  • Daily wear parts inspection and grease points are accessible from the ground with the pulverizer still mounted on the machine.

  • Safely perform maintenance with easy access through one inspection panel.

  • Hydraulic components are shielded from damage inside the housing, helping decrease downtime on the job site.



  • Cat pulverizers are manufactured with high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel, especially in excessive wear areas.

  • Reinforced cylinder rod hinges on the moveable jaw are designed to help boost durability and life of the pulverizer.

  • The C-shaped cylinder guard provides extra protection against concrete demolition.

  • Cat pulverizers have a versatile use across demolition applications, making them your choice for a wide variety of job sites.



  • Never waste time looking for your attachments again. Cat asset tracking is available on all pulverizers.

  • Track your entire fleet of attachments and machines from one source. Pulverizers with asset tracking can be viewed within VisionLink®.

  • Keep your assets secure. Pulverizers with an asset tracker send an alert if they leave an easy-to-set-up site boundary.



  • Share pulverizers and other attachments of the same size class across multiple machines by adding a quick coupler.

  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to switch attachments when using a quick coupler.

  • Quick couplers add a new level of safety to your job site with the ability to switch attachments while the operator stays in the cab with built-in redundancies to keep your attachments secure in the event of a pressure loss.

  • A variety of couplers are available to suit your specific needs:


    • Cat Pin Grabber Couplers
       - dedicated pin system

    • CW Dedicated Couplers
       - wedge-style, dedicated system

    • S Type Couplers
       - wedge-style, dedicated system

    • Hydraulic Connecting CW Couplers
       - hydraulic connecting version of the CW coupler with instant hydraulic capability upon connection

    • Hydraulic Connecting S Type Couplers
       - hydraulic connecting version of the S type coupler with instant hydraulic capability upon connection


Cycle Time - Open 1.9 s (1.9 s)
Cycle Time - Close 1.4 s (1.4 s)
Crushing Force - Primary Cutter 4265 kN (479 Sh Ton)
Crushing Force - Tip 1360 kN (153 Sh Ton)
Crushing Force - Primary Tooth 2240 kN (252 Sh Ton)
Hydraulic Requirements
Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 33000 kPa (4786 psi)
Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 360 l/min (95 gal/min)
Dimensions - Jaw
Jaw Depth 930 mm (36.6 in)
Cutter Length 200 mm (7.9 in)
Jaw Opening - Maximum 1280 mm (50.4 in)
Jaw Width - Fixed 670 mm (26.4 in)
Jaw Width - Moveable 380 mm (15 in)
Dimensions - Housing + Jaw
Length 2995 mm (117.9 in)
Height 1755 mm (69.1 in)
Width 670 mm (26.4 in)
Weight - Housing, Jaw and Bracket 3460 kg (7628 lb)
Recommended Carrier Weight
Excavator Minimum 32000 kg (70500 lb)
Excavator Maximum 50000 kg (110200 lb)

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