Focus on Your Business, Not Your Hammer

You don’t need to be a hammer expert as our expertise is on call for you. Built-in features like automatic shut-off protect your equipment from poor operation techniques or the occasional mistake. Internal buffering and integral silencing keeps the noise and power on the job, and out of the cab. If you can run an excavator, you can run a Cat hammer like a pro.

Spend Less Time on Maintenance

Daily greasing is a snap, with one basic point at a convenient height. With the addition of a Cat autolube, the hammer is greased while it runs
 - not just saving you time, but protecting your investment. Rotate or change the bushing in less than an hour. Gas checks are annual, and quickly accomplished without dismounting the hammer. You can do this yourself… or your Cat dealer can provide comprehensive support on your schedule.

Upgrade to Meet Your Needs

Add a hammer-mounted autolube system to simplify maintenance and improve reliability on more than just a single machine, making it an ideal choice for large production or demolition companies and rental fleets. You can also add a wear package to armor the hammer against harsh working environments in quarries, mines and demolition sites.

Beyond Your Purchase

Want to learn more about your hammer? Operating and maintenance videos are available online or through your local Cat dealer. Working away from home? Not a problem. Be confident no matter where your job takes you as the global network of Cat dealer is there with not only equipment support and service, but also with the hammer parts and service you may need as well. No other manufacturer can offer you the same.

Product Specifications
Impact Energy Class 4745 J (3500 ft·lbf)
Blows per Minute 350-620
Maximum Operating Weight 1860 kg (4101 lb)
Minimum Operating Weight 1480 kg (3263 lb)
Minimum Carrier Weight 16012 kg (35300 lb)
Maximum Carrier Weight 26989 kg (59500 lb)
Tool Shaft Diameter 119.5 mm (4.7 in)
Maximum Operating Pressure 15000 kPa (2176 psi)
Minimum Operating Pressure 14000 kPa (2031 psi)
Maximum Rated Flow 170 l/min (45 gal/min)
Minimum Rated Flow 100 l/min (26 gal/min)

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