H115Es Hammer

High Performance

  • Hammer hits with consistent power, delivering constant production.
  • Operation cycle is more efficient
     - less waste in internal heat, more power delivered to the tool.
  • Piston and tool are matched in diameter and mass, greatly increasing efficiency in power transmission.
  • Blow frequency, hydraulic pressure and impact energy have been tuned to produce the highest possible work rates on Cat machines.

Lower Maintance Costs

  • No need for constant checking of the gas charge.
  • Design keeps gas pressure steady through the duration of the annual service interval.
  • All daily checks and routine service can be performed with the hammer attached to the machine.
  • Spend more time working and less time on service.
  • Greasing can be performed quickly from one standing-height grease point.
  • Service the lower bushing in the field using simple hand tools.

  • Lower bushing is rotatable
     - more service life lower parts cost.

  • Optional on-board autolube provides continual greasing as the hammer runs, protecting your investment.
  • Available for extreme environments, the optional wear package protects the hammer housing from damage.
  • Easy to Operate

  • Auto shut off prevents blank firing, the leading cause of user-induced damage to hammers.
  • On a Next Gen Cat Excavator, hammers are protected by Auto-Stop, preventing damage from over-hammering in a single spot.
  • This feature helps prevent damage to your machine and premature damage to your hammer, even with inexperienced operators
  • Performance Hammers lead in both operator comfort and machine protection.
  • The buffering system qualitatively dampens vibration to the machine due to proprietary buffering material.
  • Can be configured for joystick or foot pedal control to suit your operating preference.
  • Spend Less Time on Maintenance

    Daily greasing is a snap, with one basic point at a convenient height. With the addition of a Cat autolube, the hammer is greased while it runs
     - not just saving you time, but protecting your investment. Rotate or change the bushing in less than an hour. Gas checks are annual, and quickly accomplished without dismounting the hammer. You can do this yourself… or your Cat dealer can provide comprehensive support on your schedule.

    Next Level Technology

    • All models include Product Link technology standard, you can locate the hammer via the Cat App on your phone.
    • When paired with a Next Gen Cat excavator, the hammer is automatically recognized and configured
    • Cat hammer dimensions are included in Cat E-Fence technology
       - protects the cab, and keeps the hammer in safe areas on the job site.
    • Hammer pressure and flow controls can be monitored and configured via the in-cab monitor
       - manually or automatically.

    Upgrade to Meet Your Needs

    Add a hammer-mounted autolube system to simplify maintenance and improve reliability on more than just a single machine, making it an ideal choice for large production or demolition companies and rental fleets. You can also add a wear package to armor the hammer against harsh working environments in quarries, mines and demolition sites.

    Beyond Your Purchase

    Want to learn more about your hammer? Operating and maintenance videos are available online or through your local Cat dealer. Working away from home? Not a problem. Be confident no matter where your job takes you as the global network of Cat dealer is there with not only equipment support and service, but also with the hammer parts and service you may need as well. No other manufacturer can offer you the same.

    Product Specifications
    Blows per Minute 370 to 800
    Minimum Operating Weight 1070 kg (2354 lb)
    Rated Flow - Minimum 70 l/min (19 gal/min)
    Rated Flow - Maximum 130 l/min (34 gal/min)
    Minimum Operating Pressure 13000 kPa (1885 psi)
    Maximum Operating Pressure 15000 kPa (2175 psi)
    Tool Shaft Diameter 110 mm (4.3 in)
    Minimum Carrier Weight 12 t (26500 lb)
    Maximum Carrier Weight 20 t (44100 lb)

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