Cat® BDP1000 Bi-Directional Power Inverter

Higher Efficiency

  • Peak efficiency 98% (excluding isolation transformer)

Energy Storage Management

  • Built-in controls for the charging and discharging of the energy storage equipment.
  • Static VAR compensator.
  • Four-quadrant output power factor control.
  • Automatic anti-islanding to meet UL 1741 and synchronization back to grid.
  • Parallel ready plug-and-play paralleling with other power sources.

Grid Support

  • Ancillary services to grid (voltage/power factor, frequency support)
  • Multi-mode operation
    • Grid forming
    • Grid firming
    • Grid following
    • Seamless mode transfer
    • Islanding detection
    • Autonomous mode or remote-control mode

High Performance Inverter

  • Patented Non-Linear droop for tight control of frequency and voltage enables high power quality on high transient loads.
  • High Overload capability 1.5x.
  • 2 per unit fault current capability

Fuel Consumption

Integrated control of generating system which minimizes fuel consumption and emissions by:

  • Enabling highly-efficient lean-burn gas gensets to operate in island mode
  • And enabling the shutdown of one or more gensets for fuel savings.

Applicable Standards and Certifications

UL Listed to the following standards (certification and mark pending):

  • UL 1741 SB
    • IEEE1547-2018
    • IEEE1547.1-2020
    • UL1998
  • CSA C22.2 No. 107.1/16
  • cULus mark

Compliance (pending):

  • IEC62477-1
  • IEC62909
Technical Summary
Application Energy Storage System
Module Type Integral part of Power Grid Stabilization and Energy Time Shift modules
Rated Power 1000 kVA (1000kW 1PF)

Standard Equipment

  • Panel
    • 10′ high-resolution color LCD touchscreen
  • Isolation Switch
    • Contactor and Manual Isolation Switch with Lockout Feature
  • Protection
    • Electrically Operated Breaker with LSI Trip Unit

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