C9 ACERT SA and WP Enclosure 180- 300 60 Hz US sourced

Excellent Access

  • Large cable entry area for installation ease
  • Accommodates side-mounted single or multiple breakers
  • Two doors on both sides
  • Vertically hinged allow 180° opening rotation and retention with door stays
  • Lube oil and coolant drains routed to the exterior of the enclosure base


These enclosures are of extremely rugged construction to withstand outdoor exposure and rough handling common on many construction sites.

Security And Safety

Lockable access doors which give full access to control panel and breaker

  • Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded
  • Fuel fill, oil fill, and battery can only be reached via lockable access
  • Externally mounted emergency stop button
  • Designed for spreader bar lifting to ensure safety
  • Stub-up area is rodent proof
  • Options

    • Caterpillar yellow* or white paint
    • Weather protective enclosure constructed with 14-gauge steel
    • Sound attenuated Level 1 constructed with 14-gauge steel
    • Sound attenuated Level 2 constructed with 14-gauge steel
    • Sound attenuated enclosure constructed with 12-gauge aluminum (5052 grade)
    • UL Listed 203 gallon integral fuel tank
    • UL Listed 660 or 1002 gallon sub base fuel tanks
    • Seismic certification per applicable building codes: IBC 2000, IBC 2003, IBC 2006, IBC 2009, IBC 2012, CBC 2007, CBC 2010
    • IBC certification for 150 mph wind loading
    • Anchoring details are site specific and are dependent on many factors such as generator set size, weight and concrete strength. IBC certification requires that the anchoring system used is reviewed and approved by a professional engineer
    • Control panel viewing window**
    • Cold weather bundle. Available with SA Level 2 and Aluminum SA enclosures only
    Weights and Dimensions
    Weight 219 - 1062 kg Package Weights
    Width 1920 - 2056 mm Package Widths
    Height 2142 - 2831 mm Package Heights
    Length 4035 - 5739 mm Package Lengths

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