C32 ACERT Tier 4 Final

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 - Designed to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions requirements.
 - On-engine NOx reduction system with optimized piston, ring, liner, and fuel system configuration to reduce NOx while minimizing in-cylinder sooting
 - Aftertreatment features diesel oxidation catalyst
 - Meets Tier 4 Final emissions requirements four years early, achieving environmental benefits earlier than required.

Engine Design

 - Proven reliability and durability of engine and aftertreatment
 - Broad operating speed range
 - High power density
 - PTO drive options provide flexible access to auxiliary power for pumps and other needs

Low Total Cost of Ownership

 - Optimized fuel consumption
 - Maintenance-free aftertreatment

Advanced Digital Engine Management

ADEM A4 control system providing integrated ignition, speed governing, protection, and controls. ADEM A4 has improved: user interface, display system, shutdown controls, and system diagnostics.

Custom Packaging

For any petroleum application, trust Caterpillar to meet your exact needs with a factory custom package. Cat® engines, generators, enclosures, controls, radiators, transmissions, aftertreatment solutions — anything your project requires — can be custom designed and matched to create a one-of-a kind solution. Custom packages are globally supported and are covered by a one-year warranty after startup.


 - Caterpillar has a full line of engine-transmission packages that can be fully integrated with your axle, hydraulics, and operator interface.
 - C32 ACERT™ optimized Cat transmission match: TH48-E70


Every engine is full-load tested to ensure proper engine performance.

Product Support Offered Through Global Cat Dealer

 - More than 2,200 dealer outlets
 - Caterpillar factory-trained dealer technicians service every aspect of your petroleum engine
 - Caterpillar parts and labor warrantyPreventive maintenance agreements available for repairbefore-failure optionsS•O•SSM program matches your oil and coolant samples against Caterpillar set standards to determine:
 - Internal engine component condition
 - Presence of unwanted fluids
 - Presence of combustion by-products
 - Site-specific oil change interval

Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience

Ownership of these manufacturing processes enables Caterpillar to produce high quality, dependable products.
 - Cast engine blocks, heads, cylinder liners, and flywheel housings
 - Machine critical components
 - Assemble complete engine

Web Site

For all your petroleum power requirements, visit www.catoilandgas.cat.com.

Engine Specifications
Maximum Rating 839 bkW (1125 BHP)
Emissions U.S. EPA Non-road Tier 4 Final
Displacement 32.1 l (1958 inu00b3)
Minimum Rating 839 bkW (1125 BHP)
Bore 145 mm (5.7 in)
Stroke 162 mm (6.4 in)
Rated Speed 1800 r/min (1800 r/min)
Aspiration Turbocharged-Aftercooled
Governor and Protection ADEM A4
Engine Weight - Net Dry 2770 kg (6107 lb)
Oil Change Interval 250
Rotation from Flywheel End Counterclockwise
Flywheel and Flywheel Housing SAE No. 0
Flywheel Teeth 136
Capacity for Liquids
Minimum Cooling System - Engine Only 60 l (15.9 gal (US))
Length 2159 mm (85 in)
Width 1253 mm (49 in)
Height 1594 mm (63 in)

Standard Equipment

  • Air Inlet System
    • Twin side-mounted turbochargers, ATAAC
  • Control System
    • Automatic altitude compensation; power compensation for fuel temperature; electronic diagnostics and fault logging; engine monitoring and protection system (speeds, temperature, pressure); J1939 Broadcast (diagnostic, engine status and control); ADEM A4 electronic control
  • Cooling System
    • Thermostats and housing; jacket water pump, geardriven, centrifugal, RH
  • Exhaust System
    • Exhaust dry manifold, 127 mm (5 in) slip fit connection, diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Fuel System
    • Mechanical Electronic Unit Injection (MEUI) system; primary, secondary, and tertiary fuel filter; electronic fuel priming pump-integrated with primary fuel filter base; fuel transfer pump
  • Lube System
    • Crankcase fumes filtration system, RH mounted; oil cooler — RH; oil filler — RH; oil level gauge — RH; shallow rear sump oil pan — 250-hour

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