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A26B, Drive Unit 305C CR


Cat® Augers are used to drill holes for footings, fencing, sign posts, trees and shrubs in construction, agricultural and landscaping applications.

Multiple Drive Systems

Three different drive systems, all designed with the right amount of speed and torque for working in a broad range of soil types.

  • A7B and A14B feature a variable speed, bi-directional, gerotor style hydraulic motor that generates optimal bit speed and output torque for light to moderate duty work.
  • A19B features a variable speed, bi-directional, single reduction planetary drive gerotor style hydraulic motor mounted to a planetary gear box for optimal bit speed and output torque for moderate to heavy-duty applications.
  • A26B features variable speed, bi-directional, double reduction planetary drive hydraulic gear motor mounted to a planetary gear box for optimal bit speed and output torque for moderate to heavy-duty, high performance drilling requirements.

Articulated Joint

Articulated joint ensures auger hangs straight, independent of machine positioning.

Mechanical Swing Stops

Mechanical swing stops protect from auger over swing.

Rugged Bits for Every Application

Rugged bits are adaptable to a number of projects. Standard bits, tree bits, industrial bits and standard rock drill head bits (bolt-on) are offered to cover a wide variety of applications and ground conditions.

Bit Extensions and Adapters

Various extensions allow for digging deeper and adapting to round or hex shaft bit designs. Retention pin reduces time to auger flight changes.

Product Specifications
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 95-130 L/min (25-34 gpm)
Overall Height 916 mm (36 in)
Weight 106 kg (234 lb)
Motor Displacement 44 cmu00b3 (2.67 inu00b3)
Drive Shaft Torque at Maximum Pressure 6826 N·m (5034 lb/ft)
Drive Method Gerotor Motor - Double Planetary Reduction
Mounting Bracket Design Mini Hydraulic Excavator
Required Hydraulics High Flow XPS
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 207-290 bar (3002-4206 psi)
Overall Width - With Bracket 289 mm (11 in)
Overall Length - With Bracket 361 mm (14 in)
Housing Diameter 280 mm (11 in)
Swing Range (fore/aft) 60 degrees
Swing Range (left/right) 76 degrees
Bit Speed at Maximum Flow 81 rpm
Hex Output Shaft Size 51 mm (2 in)

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