8000 – Small Dragline


  • Massive material movement with a reduced number of people, making it possible for fewer people to be put in potentially hazardous situations.
  • Machines that undergo risk assessments and are designed to meet strict codes and regulations.
  • Stairways, walkways, platforms and access points incorporated throughout to ensure safe and convenient access for maintenance personnel.
  • Dual access/egress doors and an optimally placed trainer seat with independent emergency stop.
  • Safety features incorporated into the operator cab, structures, surfaces and electrical equipment.
  • Safety-enhanced electrical system, with a single cabinet separating the power electronics from the centralized control electronics that restricts personnel access to the power electronics when troubleshooting; separation of the control electronics provides shielding of electrical noise that would eliminate high-frequency bonding.


  • Application engineers who work collaboratively with mines, considering factors such as digging environment, mine life, mine plan and annual production targets to determine the proper dragline configuration for each customer’s mine site.
  • Engineers who analyze mine environments and apply the findings to recommendations for new draglines as well as upgrade recommendations for existing dragline fleets.


  • State-of-the-art operator cab that is the product of a multi-year collaboration between Caterpillar, mining companies and operators.
  • Provides industry-leading visibility with excellent line of sight supplemented by optimally mounted cameras and display screens.
  • Available with an ergonomic, adjustable operator’s seat, low-effort joysticks and dual display screens optimized for operator comfort.


  • Caterpillar product trainers with years of experience with hands-on and classroom training, offering the necessary skills to implement changes on all aspects of operation, machine management and maintenance.
  • Cutting-edge technologies used to improve knowledge retention, increase training efficiency and create a safer learning environment via machine simulation.


  • Major structures designed for extended performance in harsh mining conditions, manufactured using impact-resistant, high-strength steel with select welds of full-penetration, profiled and ground type.
  • Large furnaces used to stress-relieve entire weldments for reduced susceptibility to cracking.
  • Equipped with AC IGBT Electrics, which deliver superior availability — routinely greater than 95% — thanks to fewer components, interchangeable inverters, no fuses or circuit breakers required, elimination of regular maintenance on power control modules, and reduced motor maintenance.
  • Mine-quality IGBT system with rugged welded cabinets to withstand harsh mining conditions.


  • Full mechanical component upgrades for existing draglines, with Finite Element Analysis expertise to ensure that replacement parts outperform the original components.
  • Mechanical upgrades that include major dragline structure repair/replacement for improved reliability and productivity enhancement; boom modifications to optimize Rated Suspended Load (RSL), operating radius, digging depth and dumping height; and re-engineered components for improved performance.
  • Electrical upgrade solutions that allow the electrical system to work in harmony with onboard mechanical systems, allowing owners of legacy draglines to reap the benefits of the latest technology.
  • Electrical upgrades that include drive system upgrades for enhanced performance (AC only); programmable Logic Controller (PLC) & Human Machine Interface (HMI) upgrades for enhanced safety and availability; Production Monitoring System for optimized productivity; and onboard troubleshooting and remote diagnostics for improved reliability.


  • X-3 Lip System that features side pin and vertical couplers that work with a full selection of tip styles and lip protection.
  • Retainer built into the tip for simplified operation; can be locked or unlocked with just one turn to speed change-up; and hammerless system requires no special tools and enhances safety.
  • Cat lips that feature 100% CapSure retention and machined fit surface for optimized fit.
  • Multiple tip options, including Heavy Duty Below Centerline, which is designed for extreme top abrasion and high-impact environments most common in dragline applications.
  • Quality Cat wire rope, manufactured using thermal injection process that provides complete penetration of plastic into the rope to resist the unwanted effects of abrasion and impact damage by encapsulating the strands to reduce steel-to-steel contact and seal in lubricants that prolong wire life.
  • Cat Dragline Wire Rope available in 6
     - and 8-strand design, with and without plastic impregnation; lengths and fittings built to specific requirements.


  • Top-quality, globally available aftermarket solutions, including mechanical and electrical upgrades, structural upgrades, relocation and assembly, reconfiguration and component rebuilds — supported by industry experts.
  • Aftermarket Engineered Solutions (AES) sales support team, which uses a holistic design methodology to provide custom aftermarket upgrades that meet customer-specific goals, from increasing productivity and efficiency to addressing mine plan limitations.
  • Top-notch overhaul and relocation services for pre-owned draglines with turnkey solution that includes OEM dragline parts, dragline service expertise and local resources, including providing informed upgrade recommendations.
  • Globally available Cat dealer and Caterpillar service and support resources including machine upgrades tailored to each serial number and application, parts planning and machine maintenance services, inventory management support and high degrees of customization and flexibility.


  • Offers the lowest material removal cost per ton, consumes less power and emits fewer greenhouse gases than other methods of overburden removal.
  • Cat Reman and Cat Rebuild programs, which return end-of-life components to like-new condition.
Bucket Capability 24 to 34 m3 (31 to 44 yd3)
Boom Length 75 to 101 m (246 to 331 ft)
Working Weight - Approximate 1 770 000 to 1 988 000 kg (3,902,000 to 4,382,000 lb)
Dimensions - Working Ranges
Bucket Capabilities 46-61 m3 (60-80 yd3)
Rated Suspended Load 71 000 to 102 100 kg (156,500 to 225,000 lb)
Boom Lengths 75 to 101 m (246 to 331 ft)

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