3.5 m3 (4.5 yd3) pin on Light Material Bucket with bolt-on cutting edge

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Designed for carrying light, loosely-packed materials.

Versatile Design

Easily hauls, loads, digs and piles light materials such as snow, hay or woodchips.

High Capacity Design

Increased capacity up to 60% over standard buckets.

Material Density Rating

Designed for loading material with a density of 1300 lb/yd3 (770 kg/m3) or less.

Optional Top Clamp

Optional full-width top clamp tightly holds loose materials such as hay with minimum spillage, and holds large round bales securely.

Product Specifications
Width 2747 mm (108.1 in)
Height 1448 mm (57 in)
Weight 1313 kg (2894.7 lb)
Length 1565 mm (61.6 in)
Capacity 3.5 mu00b3 (4.6 ydu00b3)
Base Edge Thickness 25 mm (1 in)
Interface Type Pin On

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