1829 mm (72 in) Utility Forks


Designed for handling a variety of light materials in farming, ranching and landscaping applications.

Primary Uses

Primary uses include removal of dry compacted livestock waste, transport of small bales, handling of loose materials such as straw and hay, loosening of bedding material and aeration of soil.

Movable / Replaceable Tines

The lower box channel is pre-drilled to accept various combinations of pin-on fork tines.

Serrated Step / Rubber Bumper

Serrated weld-on step provides safe ingress and egress from machine cab. Also, a bolt-on rubber bumper limits rack back travel on the larger Cat radial lift machines.

Not Designed for Large, Round Bales

NOTE: Utility Forks are not designed for piercing and carrying large, round bales.

Product Specifications
Width 1829 mm (72 in)
Height 581 mm (22.9 in)
Weight 220 kg (485 lb)
Length 924 mm (36.4 in)
Usable Tine Length 637 mm (25.1 in)
Tine Diameter 31.75 mm (1.3 in)
Number of Tines 9
Tine Width 31.75 mm (1.3 in)
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler

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