1829 mm (72 in) Industrial Grapple Bucket with bolt-on cutting edge


Designed to handle bulky, irregularly shaped objects found in demolition, industrial, construction and recycling. Ideal for railroad ties, trees, large rocks, brush, industrial and demolition scrap, and recycling debris.

Excellent Clamping

Excellent clamping force and independently controlled grapple assemblies allow for easy grasping of irregularly shaped objects.

Wide Jaw Opening

Wide vertical jaw opening allows for handling of large, bulky material.

Strong Grapple Assemblies

Grapple assemblies incorporate thick, high strength steel to resist bending and increase durability. Each grapple is reinforced with a full width formed plate and rigid box section for additional strength and cylinder protection.

Product Specifications
Width 1883 mm (74.1 in)
Weight 526 kg (1159.6 lb)
Height - Grapples Closed 525 mm (20.7 in)
Length 749 mm (29.5 in)
Base Edge Thickness 19 mm (0.7 in)
Cutting Edge Thickness 16 mm (0.6 in)
Operating Pressure 23000 kPa (3335.9 psi)
Jaw Opening 1016 mm (40 in)
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler

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