Steel-frame demolition and scrap processing are the starting points for metals recycling. Cat® Scrap and Demolition Shears power through these applications, providing the production and reliably that keep your operation in the black. Available in sizes to fit Cat machines from skid-steers to large excavators.

Cat® Shear Highlights

  • A bolt-on piercing tip provides piercing capability at low operating cost. The piercing tip is fully reversible, giving two uses per blade set.
  • The unique straight lower jaw design effectively enhances the cutting force by facilitating the spreading out of steel along the length of the jaw, maximizing the shear cutting force.
  • 360 degree rotation will allow for greater productivity because of the speed and ease with which the shear jaws can be placed in optimum cutting position.
  • The four main, side and front knives are fully reversible with four effective cutting edges.
  • Large access panels on the top, bottom, and sides of the shear housing make it easier to service inside components.
  • Design of the shear housing provides full protection of the cylinder throughout the complete cutting cycle.
  • Only Caterpillar offers an integrated machine-hydraulics-shear system supported by Caterpillar from front to end, throughout the life of the system.

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