0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3) General Purpose Bucket with bolt-on cutting edge

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Designed for digging, loading, carrying, leveling, grading and dumping in a variety of applications and materials. These all purpose buckets are ideal for construction, landscaping, industrial and more aggressive demolition applications.

Superior Loading

Long bucket floor length, combined with large radius back wrapper, provides superior material loading and dumping, resulting in greater payloads and quicker cycle times.

Rugged Design

Upper and lower torque tubes and thick side walls provide added strength and increased durability in aggressive applications.

Strong and Durable

Hardened front base edge and side cutters provide excellent penetration, durability and wear life.

Ground Engaging Tool Options

Base bucket also available with bolt-on cutting edge and bolt-on teeth.

Product Specifications
Width 1790 mm (70.5 in)
Weight 311.2 kg (686.1 lb)
Height 823 mm (32.4 in)
Length 790 mm (31.1 in)
Capacity 0.6 mu00b3 (0.8 ydu00b3)
Base Edge Thickness 20 mm (0.8 in)
Cutting Edge Thickness 16 mm (0.6 in)
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler

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