Stiff Link Thumbs feature a rigid link and are attached to the excavator stick with a weld-on bracket. The bucket curls in to the thumb to pick, grab, sort and handle various types of material and objects found on most every job site.

Stiff Link Thumb Highlights

Cat® Stiff Link Thumbs

  • Designed to easily handle a wide array of bulky, irregularly shaped objects encountered in demolition, industrial, construction, recycling, storm debris clean-up, landscaping and other aggressive applications.
  • Two position link can be set easily by the operator using the bucket. No tools or outside assistance is needed.
  • Patent-pending alignment system provides visual feedback when pin holes are aligned.
  • Teeth of T1 steel resist bending and abrasion.
  • When not needed, the thumb can be positioned against the stick, out of the way.

Performance Matched to Cat Buckets and Pin-Grabber Couplers

Cat Stiff Link Thumbs are the only thumbs designed to precisely match the working characteristics of Cat Pin-Grabber Quick Couplers and the majority of standard Cat HEX Buckets. This matching means better reliability, better productivity and better customer satisfaction at a very competitive price.

Built Tough To Handle Hard Jobs

Cat Stiff Link Thumbs are engineered and built to perform all day, every day. Ground clearing, scrap loading, light demolition… regardless, the Stiff Link Thumb is ready to take it on.

Multiple-Position Bracket Provides Maximum Flexibility

These thumbs attach to the excavator stick via a multiple position bracket. The thumb can be put in any one of six positions to match differing job requirements or bucket tip radii. When not in use, it can be folded out of the way against the stick.

Easy To Install

Shipped fully assembled, the thumb can be installed by simply welding the bracket to the stick. No special pins, no hydraulics, no fuss, no problems.