The Fusion™ Coupler increases machine performance, multiplying the productivity of your machine. Our customers asked for the best: a coupler without compromise.We’re proud to deliver: Fusion™.

Fusion™ Coupler System Highlights

  • Fusion performance is virtually identical to pin-on, with all the flexibility of a quick coupler system.
  • The Fusion Coupler sits back, close in to the loader arms — minimizing offset, enabling increased machine performance.
  • A patented advanced wedging mechanism creates a tight, rattle-free fit, resulting in a long service life.
  • A new, open coupler frame design clears sight lines from the operator’s seat, for loading and unloading confidently and quickly.
  • The Fusion Coupler System gives Caterpillar customers one common interface across the entire range of small and medium wheel loaders.
  • This expanded machine compatibility allows one machine to use a range of work tools.
  • Also, one work tool can be picked up by machines of many different sizes.

Improved Machine Performance

This new, patented interface provides coupler flexibility with performance virtually identical to pin-on. Imagine lifting a hundred-pound box with your arms fully extended. Now, imagine lifting that same load close to your body. That’s the genius of Fusion: designed to integrate the work tool and the machine by pulling the coupler and tool closer to the wheel loader. As a result, the center of gravity is moved inward, towards the machine. This translates to increased lifting ability when compared to machines equipped with competing coupler systems. Fusion will give more flexibility and performance to machines as small as the 924 and as large as the 972, including the IT38 and IT62 loaders.

Unsurpassed Durability

The advanced wedging mechanism of the Fusion™ Coupler creates a tight, rattle-free fit. This new lock up system eliminates play and wear – resulting in a long service life. Wedges pull the attachment tight to the machine in two directions – in and down. Constant hydraulic pressure on the coupler wedges compensate for wear, assuring a tight fit throughout the life of the coupler. Tight fit gives better tool control and increased productivity. Plus, coupler durability is substantially increased over traditional couplers.

Maximum Visibility

A new, open coupler frame design opens sight lines from the operator’s seat, making it easier than ever before to engage and disengage attachments with certainty. Offset tines and other design changes to Fusion Pallet Forks, working in conjunction with the Fusion Coupler, increase visibility substantially at ground level and truck bed height when compared to traditional coupler and fork combinations


With the Fusion Coupler system, Caterpillar customers get one common interface. This unique, single interface eliminates the need for many different couplers across the entire range of Cat Small and Medium Wheel Loaders. This expanded machine compatibility not only allows one machine to pick up a range of work tools, but also for one work tool to be used by a host of different machines. Realize the flexibility and opportunity afforded your rental operation, or the improvements to machine and work tool management on your customers’ job sites.