For use in extremely aggressive applications such as face-loading granite. Intended for use in high-abrasion, high-impact materials where a smooth floor is desired. Built on the proven Rock Bucket platform, the HD Granite bucket is up-sized and armored to thrive in the most dense and abrasive materials.

Heavy Duty Granite Buckets Highlights

  • Designed for use in extremely aggressive applications, such as face-loading granite.
  • Rock deflectors deflect rocks away from machine tires.
  • Flush mount adapters leave a smooth floor while protecting the bottom.

Heavy Reinforcement

Base bucket is armored with floor and radius liners, internal and external wear plates, full shell liner protection and bottom skis.

Tire Protection

Rock deflectors are mounted on the sides of the bucket, protecting the tires of host machine.

Reinforced Edge

The spade edge and adapters are up-sized (vs a standard rock bucket). Adapters are weld-on, top strap designs. The edge is protected with bolt-on half top cutting edge protection.

Additional Protection

Additional protection is provided by bolt-on half arrow segments, four sidebar protectors, bolt-on edge protectors (BEEPs), adapter covers, heel shrouds and top-mounted wear plates.


Mechanically Attached Wear Protection System plates are included as standard.

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