Cat® Utility Brooms sweep and collect debris on smooth surfaces in forward or reverse travel. The Utility Broom is recommended for spoil removal during cold planing applications. The Utility Broom can be adjusted for greater bristle down-force in tough applications such as sweeping course material out of a cold planer cut.

Cat® Utility Broom Highlights

  • Ideal for cleaning and removing dirt, rock, snow and other debris from streets, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and factory floors.
  • Utility Broom sweeps and collects light debris on smooth surfaces in forward or reverse.
  • Large hopper capacity allows greater productivity with longer sweeping cycles. Wide bucket opening permits fast, efficient dumping.
  • Rubber boot on front and sides aids in containing debris and airborne contaminants during sweeping.
  • Water sprinkler kit available for dust control.

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