The Woodchip U-Blade has a unique wing configuration which provides aggressive side setting into the chip pile, quickly knocking down stacked chips and loading the blade.

Woodchip U-Blade Highlights

  • At home in power plants, pulp mills and paper mills.
  • Built for the biggest load, and the highest efficiency, with every pass.
  • Sidebars cut cleanly into the pile.
  • Shape of the wings and moldboard keeps the load “live” and rolling.

Machine – Blade Match

Capacities and widths are matched to the machine for maximum productivity.

Standard Cat GET

Caterpillar and ground engaging tools (GET) are standard.

Angled Wings

Wing angles up to 30 degrees to roll the material to the center of the blade and retain the load.

Moldboard Design

The radius curve of the high, wide moldboard causes excellent rolling action of the woodchips.

Material Density Rating

Average material density: 600 lb/yd³ (.355 ton/m³).

Custom Designs Available

Special widths, wing angles or capacities are available upon request.


Dozer blades are designed to accept bolt-on replaceable cutting edges. D10R and D9R should be equipped with ripper or equivalent counterweight.

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