Caterpillar offers a range of Underground Mining Loaders to match mineral conditions and maximize productivity. A range of size options and configurations (including Ejector Bucket options) are available to suit your specific needs.


Cat diesel engines deliver the power and reliability needed to ensure optimal performance in the most demanding underground mining applications.

Power Train

Cat mechanical power train is matched with electronic engines to provide more power and efficiency for peak power train performance.

Integrated Engine/Power Train

Integrated engine/power train electronically combines engine, transmission, brake and operational information to work intelligently and optimize overall performance.

Oil-Cooled Brakes

Cat oil-cooled, multiple disc brakes offer exceptional, fade-resistant braking, retarding and superior control in all conditions.


Cat truck frames are built to resist twisting in the most severe, high impact applications. Cat bodies are designed to provide flexibility, durability, and resistance to impact loads, even in inclement weather.

Operator’s Station

The operator’s station is ergonomically to provide optimal comfort, ease and superior control all shift long.


Caterpillar machines and systems are designed with safety as their first priority.

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