Power, speed, and fuel efficiency make Cat® large hydraulic excavators exceptional choices for bulk earthmoving and heavy lifting applications.

Cat® Large Excavators Highlights

  • Cat® ACERT™ technology works at the point of combustion to optimize engine performance and provide low exhaust emissions.
  • The optimized hydraulic system has been designed to provide reliability and outstanding controllability.
  • The operator station provides maximum space, wider visibility, and easy access to switches. All of this ensures the most comfortable working environment for the operator.
  • Many boom and stick options are available, offering a large range of configurations suitable for a wide variety of applications.
  • Cat designed excavator undercarriage is stable, durable, and low maintenance.
  • Caterpillar offers a wide variety of factory-installed auxiliary hydraulic and work tool options. This best-in-class versatility enhances performance and job site management.
  • Fast, easy service has been designed in with extended service intervals, advanced filtration, convenient filter access and user-friendly electronic diagnostics for increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Operator Station

Roomy, quiet, automatic climate-controlled cabs have excellent sightlines to the work area, helping to keep operator fatigue low and production up through the entire shift.

Electronic Control System

Electronic control system with Vital Information Display System (VIDS) and Advanced Diesel Engine Management (ADEM) II, maximizes fuel efficiency and performance by maintaining the optimum balance between engine speed and hydraulic demand.

Service and Maintenance

Caterpillar Large Hydraulic Excavators feature fast, easy service with advanced filtration, filter access and electronic diagnostics for increased productivity.


Proven Proportional Priority Pressure Compensated (PPPC) system with state-of-the-art electronic control increases efficiency and productivity.


Cat Large Excavators feature Caterpillar diesel engines that are electronically controlled for high power and efficiency.


Caterpillar-designed excavator undercarriage is exceptionally stable, durable and low maintenance.

Booms, Sticks and Attachments

Optional sticks and booms are available to match the machine to the job. The reach boom has a larger digging envelope while the mass excavation boom allows larger bucket use with greater digging forces. All booms and sticks are stress relieved for longer life.


A wide variety of bucket types, aggressive bucket designs and larger capacity bucket options are available for improved productivity.

Environmentally Responsible Design

Quieter operation, lower engine emissions, less fluid disposal and cleaner service allow Caterpillar excavators to meet or exceed worldwide regulations and protect the environment.

Complete Customer Support

Cat dealers offer a wide range of services that can be set up under a Customer Support Agreement when equipment is purchased. The dealer will assist in choosing a plan that can cover everything from machine and attachment selection to replacement.