Cat cold planers remove worn or deteriorated pavement to a specified grade and slope and leave a textured surface that can be immediately opened to traffic or overlayed with new asphalt.


Caterpillar Cold Planers combine power, reliability and durability to complete tough milling applications with excellent results.


Caterpillar diesel engines provide the power needed in tough milling applications. Engines are mounted transversely in the Cold Planer frames and are easily accessible with hydraulic assist lift-up hoods and side swing-open doors.

Front Loading Conveyor

Front loading conveyors are high capacity and versatile, promoting additional productivity.

Rotor Drive

Caterpillar wet clutches with automatic belt tension adjusters deliver power efficiently and reliably to the pavement. Rotor drives consist of field-proven Cat Track-type Tractor components for Caterpillar machine commonality and long service life.

Operator Station

Operator stations are open, uncluttered and easily accessible. Right and left side controls provide operators with excellent visibility and simple operation.


Steering modes enable operators to have complete control of machine position in tight milling applications.


Less time spent on maintenance means more machine uptime.

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