Our values have been developed to ensure we not only deliver great products and outstanding product support but to also deliver an amazing experience for our customers. Our values guide our engagement with our customers, suppliers and our people to ensure we will deliver to the very highest standard, all of the time.

We are different from our competitors and we are proud of it.

At Cavpower, we exist to meet the needs of our customers. Their success is our success. Everything we do, we do with the customer’s needs at the front of our minds.

To put simply:

“The needs of the customer come first”

In addition to our principal value, “The needs of the customer come first”, there are five other values which are important at Cavpower. These are outlined below.


We strive to be the best we can be and always deliver the best outcome for our customers. We do not accept that “near enough is good enough”.



We work as a team and we solve issues together. We work collaboratively where the situation requires it.



We are all accountable for our customers’ success. We take ownership of issues and feel responsible for making sure the needs of our customers come first and successful outcomes are delivered.


Integrity is the foundation of the way we carry ourselves every day. We are open and honest in our communications. We do what we promise, we treat all people with respect and we never compromise on our values.


Work should be fun. We are here to deliver on a strategy and delight our customers. That’s hard to do if we aren’t enjoying ourselves.