The Elevating Wheel Tractor-Scraper is a self-loading hauling system with the added ability to mix and homogenize material and do fine finish work.

Power Train

Electronically controlled Caterpillar engines and automatic planetary powershift transmissions are electronically integrated to provide maximum power to the cutting edge and exceptional haul road speed.

Cushion Hitch

Electrically actuated hydraulic dampers absorb haul road shocks for increased operator comfort.

Enhanced Control Layout

Implement levers have been combined into simple and easy to operate joysticks, enhancing the productivity of experienced and inexperienced operators alike.

Operator Station

Convenient control placement and a comfortable work environment are keys to high productivity. Features include electro-hydraulic controls, new air suspension seats and improved instrumentation.

Durability and Reliability

Caterpillar scrapers are engineered for demanding work. The durable construction and reliability of the scrapers ensure that they can withstand tough working conditions.

Elevator Mechanism

The elevator mechanism conditions material as it works. The elevator lifts material off the cutting edge and carries it to the top of the load for true self-loading capability. Elevating Caterpillar scrapers are ideal for production work and excel at finish work.


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Complete Customer Support

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