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Power on when the power's out


You can rely on Cat® standby generators to keep your hotel open for business and your patrons happy even when the power goes out. 

Can you afford to lose your cash registers and EFTPOS, fridges and freezers, lights, air conditioners and security systems?


South Australia’s recent severe weather event resulted in major blackouts across the state affecting many businesses, including hotels and pubs. However, those businesses supported by emergency stand-by generators benefited from this event and noticed an increase in clientele.

Unfortunately, this freak weather event was probably not a one-off and is likely to happen again. 

Power backup via onsite generators provide continuous power by linking them into the existing electrical system, the generator will automatically start up within seconds of the mains power dropping out. 


Keeping the power on means;

  • Hotel lights stay on
  • Entertainment continues, music, gaming, audio visual systems, TV news
  • Computers are still working
  • Social media can be used to highlight to customers that it’s business as usual.
  • Data losses are eliminated
  • Fridges and freezers keep work, eliminating spoilt food
  • Cooking capability remains, your patrons will need to eat
  • Communication systems will remain in operation
  • Tills keep turning over


Building a business case to install an emergency stand-by generator is easy but like most things you get what you pay for. Caterpillar® is a reliable and trusted brand building and supplying generators for more than 85 years.


Servicing Stand-by Generators

The one thing an emergency stand-by generator needs to do is start when required. This means you need a proven product supported locally with service agents and spare parts available around the clock. 

Evert Verhage, Cavpower Power Systems Manager, says the key to the reliable operation of your generator is to have it serviced regularly. Our Power Systems technicians are highly experienced and can provide support for maintenance, repair and testing of both Cat and other manufacturers gensets.

It’s also very important for your staff to check the generator over on a weekly basis.  Just like your car, regular checks and servicing are key to make sure you get the reliability you would expect from your standby generator.

For more information on installing a new Cat emergency stand-by backup generator or information on how to ensure your back up power systems works when you need it most, contact Cavpower's Power Systems team.



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