Tips to keep your stand-by generator operating in extreme heat conditions

South Australia is renowned for our long, hot summers – often with extreme heat conditions which can lead to power outages. Our Power Systems team have developed some tips for owners of stand-by generators to ensure your generator is operating at optimum performance.

Here are our tips for keeping your generator in top shape:

  • Check your oil and coolant levels
  • Check that your batteries are fully charged and acid levels have been checked
  • Ensure you have enough fuel for a sufficient period of time
  • Make sure you don’t have any debris or rubbish near your gen set
  • Ensure all entry and exit points to the radiator for airflow are clear
  • Regularly check on your generator while it is running
  • Make sure that other people within your business and family know how the systems work
  • Make sure all torches are in good working order and all extension leads are in good condition and ready to go if required

Our Power Systems team are on hand to answer your questions and to support your gen set. For more information call 8139 4420.

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