PS150C Pneumatic Roller


Cat® 3054C Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Industry-proven Cat® technology designed to provide unmatched performance, reliability and fuel economy with ample power for the most demanding jobs.

Propel System

Hydrostatic propel system combines smooth stops and starts with plenty of torque.

Operator’s Station

Operating ease and comfort promote all-day productivity.

Tire Overlap/Wheel Oscillation

Tires overlap and wheels oscillate for maximum compactive effort with each pass.


Easy, ground-level access provides convenient and quick service.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Turbocharged engine provides 75 kW (100 hp) of gross power. Mechanically controlled direct injection provides excellent fuel efficiency.

Combustion Chamber

Highly-efficient combustion chamber increases power while lowering fuel consumption, engine emissions and noise.

Meets Standards

The engine meets U.S. Tier 2 emission standards.

High Displacement-To-Power Ratio

High displacement-to-power ratio ensures long life and provides outstanding reliability and durability.

Large Oil Cooler

Large oil cooler reduces oil deterioration and varnishing of internal components.

Fuel Injection System Protection

Combination fuel filter and water separator offers superior protection for the fuel injection system.

Standard Oil Change

500 hour oil change interval is standard.

Smooth Starts And Stops

Power transmission with drive line provides smooth starts and stops
 - no chains are used.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Hydrostatic transmission provides primary braking
 - no brake shoes or pads to service.

Easy Serviceability

Easy serviceability to all drive components.

Limited Contamination And Damage

Hydraulic motors, secondary brakes and drive lines are positioned high inside the machine frame, limiting contamination and damage.

Two Speed Ranges

Two speed ranges provide job site mobility and traction capability to suit working conditions.

Extended Drive Train Life

Remote drive train flushing system provides cool hydraulic oil to the brakes and axles to provide extended drive train life.

Easy Maneuvering

Exceptional all-around visibility provides easy maneuvering.

Lasting Comfort

Adjustable, cushioned seat provides lasting comfort.

Enhanced Mobility And Visibility

Flat platform enhances operator’s mobility and visibility.

Streamlined Gauges

Streamlined gauges keep operator informed of engine systems and machine status.

Simplified Operation

Single lever propel control simplifies operation.

Standard Operator’s Station Equipment

Standard equipment includes Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and a 75 mm (3″) wide retractable seat belt.

Rotating Operator’s Station (Optional)

Optional rotating operator’s station allows operator to swivel control console from left side to right side.

Full-Width Coverage

Front and rear wheels paths overlap 13 mm (0.5″) to provide full-width coverage of 1743 mm (69″) and 2134 mm (84″) with 11-wheel option.

Uniform Compation

Front and rear wheel bolsters oscillate ±4.4 degrees to allow uniform compaction across entire rolling width. (Note: With the 11-wheel option, oscillation angle on outside rear wheels is zero degrees up and 4.4 degrees down.)

Wheel Oscillation

Wheel oscillation helps ensure excellent bonding of longitudinal asphalt joints.

Large Engine Enclosure Pivots

Large engine enclosure pivots upward for access to engine, cooling package and filters.

Single-Point Access

Single-point access to all engine service points and filters is through the engine enclosure.

Rear Engine Access

Engine access at rear provides oneside, ground level, walk-up service.

Ensured Electrical System Integrity

Nylon braided wrap and all weather connectors ensure electrical system integrity.

Simplified System Diagnosis

Quick-connect hydraulic test ports simplify system diagnosis.

Remote Mounted Drains

Remote mounted drains for fuel, hydraulic and cooling systems allow collection of fluids.

Standard Oil Change

500 hour oil change interval is standard.

Operating Weight - Max Ballast 12940.0 kg (28535.0 lb)
Average Weight per Wheel - Max Ballast 1440.0 kg (3180.0 lb)
Average Weight per Wheel - No Ballast 545.0 kg (1200.0 lb)
Operating Weight - No Ballast 4885.0 kg (10775.0 lb)
Operating Specifications
Compaction Width 1740.0 mm (68.0 in)
Ground Clearance 267.0 mm (10.5 in)
Number of Wheels 9
Travel Speed - Maximum 25.6 km/h (15.9 mph)
Turning Radius - Inside 4.65 m (15.25 ft)
Gross Power 75.0 kW (100.0 hp)
Engine Model 3054C
Overall Length 4290.0 mm (169.0 in)
Overall Width 1740.0 mm (68.0 in)
Height at Steering Wheel 2320.0 mm (91.0 in)
Maximum Machine Height 3000.0 mm (118.0 in)
Tires 6-ply 8.50/90 x 15
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 173.0 L (45.6 gal)
Water (Spray) Tank Capacity 394.0 L (104.0 gal)

Optional Equipment

  • The Speedometer
  • Pressure Water Spray System
  • 12-Ply or 14-Ply Tires
  • Radial Tires (7.50 x 15)
  • Heat Retention Shields (Tire Skirts)
  • 11-Wheels Option
  • Roading Light Package
  • Rotating Operator’s Station
  • Suspension Seat
  • Sun Canopy
  • Traction Control
  • Heavy Weight Option
  • Ballast Option

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