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H130GC Hammer


Reliable and Durable Design

  • Cat� Hammers use up to 25 percent less fuel and are up to 27 percent more efficient.
  • Enjoy fast service times and lower owning and operating costs with the simplified design.
  • Choose between top and side mount options to match your application.
  • Achieve consistent power and production over time with the gas fired design.
  • Cat Hammers are designed to work with our machines, as a total solution, and provide seamless hydraulic connectivity for maximum performance.
  • Easy to Maintain

  • Achieve up to 18 percent lower maintenance costs with Cat� Hammers.
  • Easy and quick access to maintenance areas ensures the hammer always operates at its peak.
  • Spend more time working and less time servicing.
  • Greasing can be performed quickly from one standing-height grease point.

  • Service the lower bushing in the field using simple hand tools.
  • Verify the gas charge of the hammer without removing it from your machine.
  • tough applications.

  • All breakers are tested in accordance with ISO Quality Control System before delivery.
  • Easy to Operate

  • Operator feel, and control is improved with an interlocking quad wear system which guides and supports the front head.
  • Select between high blow frequency and maximum power to get the performance you need to suit your application.
  • Easily adjust the piston stroke between piston frequency and more impact power positions to match application requirements.
  • You Are Supported

  • Go where the job takes you. The Cat Dealer Network is there to help when you need it.
  • Rely on Caterpillar for complete system support. Receive parts, service, and technical assistance for your machine, hammer, and hydraulics from a single source.
  • Product Specifications
    Maximum Operating Weight 2384 kg (5244.8 lb)
    Minimum Operating Weight 2364 kg (5201 lb)
    Maximum Carrier Weight 32 t (70547 lb)
    Tool Shaft Diameter 150 mm (NaN in)
    Optimal Hydraulic Flow (5.91)
    Minimum Rated Flow 150 mm (2610 psi)
    Operating Weight 160 l/min (18000 kPa)
    Overall Height 2320 psi (6000 J)
    Impact Frequency 190
    Rated Flow - Minimum 160 l/min (42 gal/min)
    Impact Energy Class 6000 J (4425 ft-lb)
    Blows per Minute 350-700
    Minimum Carrier Weight 25 t (55115 lb)
    Maximum Operating Pressure 18000 kPa (2610 psi)
    Minimum Operating Pressure 16000 kPa (2320 psi)
    Rated Flow - Maximum 190 l/min (50 gal/min)

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