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H110GC Hammer

Reliable and Durable Design

  • Cat� Hammers use up to 25 percent less fuel and are up to 27 percent more efficient.
  • Enjoy fast service times and lower owning and operating costs with the simplified design.
  • Choose between top and side mount options to match your application.
  • Achieve consistent power and production over time with the gas fired design.
  • Cat Hammers are designed to work with our machines, as a total solution, and provide seamless hydraulic connectivity for maximum performance.
  • Easy to Maintain

  • Achieve up to 18 percent lower maintenance costs with Cat� Hammers.
  • Easy and quick access to maintenance areas ensures the hammer always operates at its peak.
  • Spend more time working and less time servicing.
  • Greasing can be performed quickly from one standing-height grease point.

  • Service the lower bushing in the field using simple hand tools.
  • Verify the gas charge of the hammer without removing it from your machine.
  • tough applications.

  • All breakers are tested in accordance with ISO Quality Control System before delivery.
  • Easy to Operate

  • Operator feel, and control is improved with an interlocking quad wear system which guides and supports the front head.
  • Select between high blow frequency and maximum power to get the performance you need to suit your application.
  • Easily adjust the piston stroke between piston frequency and more impact power positions to match application requirements.
  • You Are Supported

  • Go where the job takes you. The Cat Dealer Network is there to help when you need it.
  • Rely on Caterpillar for complete system support. Receive parts, service, and technical assistance for your machine, hammer, and hydraulics from a single source.
  • Product Specifications
    Impact Energy Class 2000 J (1475 ft·lbf)
    Blows per Minute 450-650
    Maximum Operating Weight 1262 kg (2776.4 lb)
    Minimum Operating Weight 1237 kg (2721 lb)
    Minimum Carrier Weight 11 kg (24251 lb)
    Maximum Carrier Weight 16 kg (35724 lb)
    Tool Shaft Diameter 72 mm (2.83 in)
    Maximum Operating Pressure 16000 kPa (2320 psi)
    Rated Flow - Maximum 0 l/min (0 gal/min)
    Minimum Operating Pressure 14000 kPa (2030 psi)
    Rated Flow - Minimum 0 l/min (0 gal/min)
    Maximum Rated Flow 100 l/min (26 gal/min)
    Minimum Rated Flow 80 l/min (21 gal/min)
    Impact Frequency 0
    Operating Weight 0 (0 J)
    Overall Height 0 gal/min (0 )
    Overall Length 0 kg (0 )
    Height - Without Tool 0 kPa (0 lb)
    Optimal Hydraulic Flow 0
    Operating Weight - With Tool (0 lb)
    Operating Pressure (0 psi)

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