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Demolition & Sorting Grapple Highlights

If you are looking for a fast, productive way to handle material—one that is dependable and easily serviced—you will find it with Cat Demolition & Sorting Grapples. Whether taking down a building or sorting and loading material, it’s designed to handle your demolition, salvage and recycling needs. Capable of moving volumes of material, combined with the ability to sort and recover recyclables, this grapple will add profit to your bottom line.

Weight - Including Bracket 1875 kg (4125 lb)
Closing Force 66 kN (2.6 Sh Ton)
Cycle Time - Close 2.2 s (2.2 s)
Height - Grapple Open 1606 mm (63.23 in)
Height - Grapple Closed 1725 mm (67.91 in)
Width - Grapple Open 1540 mm (60.63 in)
Width - Grapple Closed 2200 mm (86.61 in)
Depth 1100 mm (43.31 in)
Inside Height 625 mm (24.61 in)
Hydraulic Requirements
Optimum Oil Flow - Open/Close 120 l/min (32 gal/min)
Maximum Working Pressure - Open/Close 350 bar (5076 psi)
Optimum Oil Flow - Rotation 40 l/min (11 gal/min)
Maximum Working Pressure - Rotation 140 bar (2030 psi)

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